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The Powerhouse behind Claypot

Openqueue is our data sorting algorithm trained by our vast library of sound samples.  The API also would not be possible without our collaboration with MusicCube.

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Over 100 Hours of Sonoroties

The Claypot Sound Library is a rich collection of over 20,000 sound samples.  This resource of totally unique sounds are just right for Composers, Producers, Sound Designers and Curators alike.



A Gamified Audiodrama where your listening choices matter

Selected for the MediaFutures 2023 Startup Meets Artist Residency & Accelerator Program, Claypot is currently developing an interactive Audiodrama which highlights the role of data transparency in combating misinformation.

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Animated Short film scored by Claypot's sonorities

In this experience, we are taken to our world in a different world. This is a story in which almost every element is both a protagonist and an antagonist. The goal for all of us - the audience included - is to learn how to live in, alongside, and despite a drawn-out moment of immeasurable uncertainty.

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