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Claypot Records Members


Claypot’s ethos is self-discovery through meaningful collaboration. We see improvisation and experimentation as a means to bolster individual autonomy in the face of an increasingly authoritarian world. We collaborate across disciplinary, national, and cultural boundaries, using data to give our community new music and new knowledge about the way we listen.


The core Claypot team has conducted three series of recordings and over fifty individual sessions with performers exploring the different sounds their instruments and voices can create. Our collaborative independent artistic research with sample classification, composition, and concert development depends on a remote composition library we built during the pandemic when we were unable to rehearse together. Through participation in the MediaFutures 3rd Open Call, Claypot incorporated in 2023 and expanded its research and technology development with a tool called OpenQueue for empowering listeners on streaming music platforms.


The Team

Meet the individuals at the center of Claypot

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